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Girl's Lovecast is an Action/Adventure RPG about Magical Girls, currently being developed for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is a demo showcasing the current state of its core gameplay mechanics, such as combat, exploration, dialogue, and questing. Let me know if you liked the game!

Story, programming, art, and music by me.

"You Can Count On Me" written by me, with a guitar performance by Hugh Harsher.

Special thanks to MajorMilk for creating the Key Illustration.

All sound effects obtained from freesound.org under the CC0 license.


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I played the game! I did record a video of it but, it was 2 hours long and I wasn't really feeling my own commentary X_X Feedback wise, I'll write my quick thoughts here:

I enjoyed the overall scenario, exploring the creepy hotels and casino was a fun time. I loved all the sub-quests as well, they were fun and felt like they built the world up well. 

Combat gameplay wise, my thoughts from the previous demo still stand. Although it did feel a bit smoother with the leveling up and health/mp recovery items, I still think controlling the character is a bit clunky. It's nice you can slow down and dodge but it's still very difficult to aim and actually hit the enemies. I got to the last boss and didn't feel like grinding it the whole way through. I still wish I could use the mouse to face, aim and fire.

I did enjoy what I played though, it felt like a much more complete game! The music was pretty poppin and the environments were pretty nice. (I even got spooked a little, one of the enemy designs was spooky.) Keep up the great work. Looking forward to the full game someday!

thanks for playing!